Nobody Said It Would Be Easy...

Hey :) My name is Andrea i'm a hyper fun person to be around i love posting random things, and my passion is art so keep your eye out for my original;) follow me , ill follow back :D

Anonymous said:
so like whats your name?



This is my grandma. She may not have long mermaid hair or be in booty shorts, but to me she is beautiful. Her name is Edith Naar and she has a tumor in her brain. Every like counts as a prayer. Thank you. #cancer #Beauty #Beautiful #Prayer #God #Love #summer #Jesus (Taken with Instagram)

keep her in your prayers, i love you guys, stay strong.

me when my friends are sad: basically becomes a psychiatrist
my friends when im sad: ok


Por hacerte la zorra o_o


#nemo #yolo #funny (Taken with instagram)


I love this photo


Can you feel it?

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